Need to sell your property in Spain or Portugal? Not using it but still paying out taxes and maintenance? Unable to travel to organise the sale?

We provide a complete service. We will project manage the sale from beginning to end so you don't have to. We can organise power of attornies and liaise with agents and your professional advisers to facilitate the sale and help you avoid surprises.

Why use our Services

Why use our Services

Properties Overseas has years of experience of the property market in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. We bring together a network professional advisers and service providers to organise and facilitiate your sale. We will take the uncertainty and stress out of the sales process.



We identify suitable Estate Agents to market your property and help negotiate the fee. We work with you to select appropriate legal advisers (independent of the Estate Agent). We organise power of attornies to be used by your legal advisers to facilitate the sale



We support the sales process from beginning to end, organising valuations and helping to prepare the property for viewing, if appropriate. Once a buyer is found, we monitor the progress of the transaction ensuring a speedy conclusion. Should issues arise, we will work with the parties to resolve them as soon as possible

Need to Sell? Don't need the hassle?

Unable or do not want to travel to Spain to organise the sale? Have you experienced a change in circumstances that means you can no longer enjoy your property in Spain? Has it become a financial burden and a source of concern? We can arrange for you to sell without having to travel and still receive a good price. We can facilitate the sale from the UK through our overseas and UK partner network of professionals.

Contact us for a free 30 minute introductory discussion. We will discuss your objectives for the sale of your property. 

We will explore the scope of the services that you need and look at the options.  For instance, are you looking for us to manage the sales process or just to engage the profession support you need and you will co-ordinate their activity directly.  
Does the property need to be prepared for sale to maximise the sale price or are happy to market it in its current position?
Our Real Estate Agents

We will match the location of your property and your sales needs with local agents. We will  normally use agents that we know to be established and professional and we have dealt with previously.  If this is not possible we will engage with  agents who are members of the Association of International Property Professionals. 

Legal Advisers

We recommend that sellers do not use legal advisers introduced by estate agents.  We will, therefore, provide our customers with  details of legal representatives that are independent from the estate agents they decide to use.  

Power of Attornies

Where you are unable to  travel to Spain it will be necessary to either give Spanish based legal representatives power of attorney so they can execute the necessary documentation.  Alternatively, UK based Spanish notaries will need to be used.  We can assist in organising both.

If you are interested  in buying a property in Spain, go to our Properties Overseas site  for information on locations and examples of properties available.