Initial No Obligation Discussion

Contact us for an initial 30 minute voice or video call. In that call we will explore your needs and discuss the best route for you to achieve the sale at the best price. Our fact finding approach includes discussing the following:

  • your reasons for the sale
  • your circumstances and the extent of support you require
  • details of your property and its location
  • how quickly you need the sale to be completed
  • what constraints there might be on the sale and the sales process
  • the condition of the property

We will discuss sale price expectations and the costs you are likely to incur and how we can help maximise the first and minimise the latter. This may include how the property might be prepared to enhance its value or whether you are looking for a speedy sale with the least input.

Establishing options for how we can assist you

We will need to understand the level of support you are looking for and how that that will fit within the process:

  • Do you just need help in finding professional advisers and estate agents?
  • Would you want us undertake a selection process including negotiation on fees and commission rates?
  • Are your circumstances such that you would prefer us to manage the sales process for you?

Once we understand your needs we will put together a formal proposal.

Service Options

Our fees will be based on the level of support required. See below

  • sale planning including selection of agents and necessary professional expertise ( facilitation)
  • project management of the sale (project management)
  • enhanced project management and marketing including social media ( comprehensive service)